Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Microsoft confirms Qi charging for AT&T Lumia 830

AT&T is set to start carrying the Lumia 830. The carrier confirmed as much back in early September, just days after the handset launched at IFA 2014. There’s still no official date for exactly when the 830 will go up for sale, but the latest rumors have attempted to nail-down November 7 as the most likely possibility. As we wait to see if that date proves to be correct, some additional technical information on the handset is coming to light, and it’s good news for anyone who likes wireless charging and broad accessory compatibility.
We already knew the Lumia 830 would support wireless charging, but even hearing that from an official source, we wondered if there might be a big asterisk next to that fact. You know: the kind that means “yes, the phone will support wireless charging, but AT&T being AT&T, it’s not going to be the Qi standard everyone else uses, and instead the Powermat (PMA) standard of limited appeal.” In other words, the very same crap we saw with the Lumia 1520.
But worry not! For now Microsoft has posted the official specs for the Lumia 830 as it will come to AT&T in the States, and it unequivocal mentions built-in (no after-market add-on backplate required) wireless charging supporting the Qi standard. Sounds good to us; now if someone would just go ahead and confirm the details of how these sales are fixing to begin…
Source: Microsoft
Via: WMPoweruse
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