Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Samsung Galaxy A-series launch rumors sharpen focus on November

The idea of Samsung releasing a bunch of new Androids that take some heavy inspiration from its Galaxy Alpha handset is one that’s been building momentum since late August, and last month we saw such rumors really take off in full force, as leaks started providing new evidence for the existence of a Galaxy A3, A5, and A7. Recently, we’ve been hearing that these phones could be nearly about to drop, and that a launch was all but imminent. Today we check in with a new source singing a very similar tune, with claims that China is set to see the A series arrive early next month.
Last time we looked at these kind of launch rumors, we heard that Samsung might announce its A-series phones before the end of October. Granted, we’ve still got a couple days left in the month, but hour by hour, that announcement is seeming more and more unlikely. That previous rumor also mentioned a November start to sales, but wasn’t very specific, while this one both clarifies the date as falling in the early days of the month, and identifies China as one of Samsung’s launch countries.
But does this mean that the A series could be an exclusive to that part of the world – even if just for now? We’ve certainly seen a good deal of evidence for these phones with specific ties to China, and heard the nation mentioned more than once in the context of hardware rumors. This new source doesn’t mention any release plans outside the nation, but also doesn’t specifically exclude the possibility, leaving us a bit unsure what to expect. At least, if this general timeframe is accurate, we should have our answers in just another week or so.
Source: Korea Times
Via: phoneAren
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