Tuesday, 21 October 2014

New Motorola Droid Turbo pics leak, a week before launch

Last week marked in change in the the pre-launch story for Verizon’s next Droid model, the Motorola Droid Turbo: following weeks of leaks and rumors, developments which brought us both a number of images of the upcoming smartphone, as well as an entire user guide, things were finally starting to get official, with Verizon sending out invitations for a launch event later this month. As we look forward to that October 28 announcement, some additional leaks have arrived to help tide us over, offering a new look at this handset in multiple colors.
These leaks are some more from the apparently-not-quite-as-retired-as-we-thought @evleaks, following last week’s publication of a Nexus 6 render.
The handset in red is a perfect match for the official render Verizon itself let slip early a couple weeks back, and this time it’s also joined by the Droid Turbo in classic black. The angle here also lets us appreciate the texture on the phone’s back panel. One thing of note is how on this black handset that pattern appears to have a hard stop, while on the red model there’s not as clear a transition line between the textured back and smoother sides. That gradual blend is something we saw in earlier leaks of the Turbo in black, but now we’re wondering if that design may have changed.
Be sure to check in with us next Tuesday for full details on the Droid Turbo’s launch.
Source: @evleaks 1,2
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