Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Leaked ROM reveals details of Nexus 6/Android 5.0 Ambient Display mode

useful) features Motorola brought to the Moto X was the phone’s Active Display mode, showing you important notifications without having to first wake the phone. Since then we’ve seen the feature expand to other Motorola models, and with last week’s launch of the Nexus 6, it sure looked like a similar mode was coming along for the ride. At least, the official Nexus 6 specs mention different standby times for whether or not “Ambient Display” is engaged. Now, thanks to a leaked ROM, we’re beginning to get the details on how all this works.
The Android 5.0 ROM in question is intended for use on a Nexus 4, and unlike the currently available Lollipop dev previews, includes just such an Ambient Display setting to “wake screen when device picked up or notifications arrive.”
In its formal list of Lollipop features, Google similarly mentions, “where supported by the hardware, your device will wake up as soon as you pick it up or tap the screen twice.” This leaked ROM is sort of shoehorned onto the Nexus 4, and while it doesn’t appear that the wake-on-pick-up mode works in this case, the mode does function when triggered by incoming notifications.
What’s not immediately clear is just how restricted this feature might be in the final release, constrained to models like the Nexus 6, or available on a much wider swath of Androids (even if with more limited functionality). As we wait for those answers, at least we have a few images of this ROM in action showing off how Active Display will appear when engaged.
Source: Prashant Gahlot (Google+)
Via: Android Police
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