Tuesday, 14 October 2014

New iPads might be ready for a launch earlier than usual

Apple has already teased that its event on
 October 16 will be about something that’s taken a long time. Many speculate that even though Apple’s music event is already history with the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, we might see a revamp to legacy products like the Apple TV and iPods as well. We do see it as highly unlikely, but we’re almost certain that this will be Apple’s iPad event, and today we learn more about when to expect it.0 Comments
Trusted sources claim that Apple is already shipping mass quantities of a specific product for a launch on October 24. Sadly we don’t know what product this is at the moment, but we can only speculate that this has to do with iPads. Even if Apple were to launch new Macs or new Apple TVs, the only products that sell in the millions on launch date are iPhones (which already happened) and iPads as well. This would mean that Apple will be ready for a launch in 8 days, and not the usual 10 days that we’ve seen with these iOS products in the past.
At this point it’s hard to tell much about the future of the iPad mini, as we haven’t really seen any rumors pertaining to it. We also know that the iPad Pro might not be a reality until 2015. Who knows, this might be just another iPad Air being launched on its own.
Source: MacRumors
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