Tuesday, 21 October 2014

LG teases a new phone with… googly eyes?

Smartphone shoppers have a ton of options when looking for a new phone, but for all the various manufacturers and mobile platforms out there, today’s handsets have a bad habit of falling into the pattern of repeating the same old layout. Sure, some OEMs try and mix things up by moving things around, putting buttons on a phone’s rear panel or tweaking existing designs, but it’s the rare smartphone that really looks like it’s doing something markedly different from its peers. Enter: LG and its AKA, a phone with a pair of eyes that change shape based on what you’re doing with the handset.
Eyes? You heard us: eyes. We don’t yet have a great grasp on what LG is planning here (and the translation issues don’t help clear things up any), but the company just announced this “AKA” line of smartphones that feature a pair of eyes on their back that are animated to respond to user activity.
Why? We really, really don’t know. Our questions range from the technology being used to animate these eyes, to the specific cues that will cause them to change appearance, to just what sort of smartphone shoppers will flock to such an unusual device, but we absolutely have to give LG credit where credit’s due, as no one else out there is making phones that are anything like this.
AKA is set to be demonstrated at the World IT Show in South Korea this week, before the start of sales next month. Hopefully that means that a better explanation of this handset is coming soon, as for now, we’re still scratching our heads.
Source: LG (Google Translate)
Via: phoneArena
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