Thursday, 16 October 2014

Latest Oppo N3 leak reveals a new hardware feature

Well this is a nice change of pace: for weeks now we’ve been keeping track of Oppo N3 teasers, with the company dropping details about its upcoming Android little by little. From its interesting body materials to its rotating camera, much of what we know about this handset stems from Oppo’s controlled dissemination of news. That’s what makes today’s find so different, as an unofficial leak seems to reveal a fingerprint scanner hiding away on the back of the N3.
Oppo already shared with us a pic of the phone’s back when revealing its camera a few days back, but the cropped image didn’t depict the entirety of that rear panel. If Oppo had let us gaze just an inch further down, it now seems, we would have gotten a nice look at this apparent fingerprint scanner. Could it maybe even be more than that, and offer some kind of button input?
The rest of the image is a very good match for that official Oppo render, leaving us with a good feeling that this might be genuine. Maybe Oppo was waiting until a little closer to its Ocotber 29 launch event to reveal the N3′s fingerprint-scanning capabilities, or maybe it had been saving this for the announcement itself, but with the secret now out, we’d be surprised if this feature didn’t return in an official teaser sometime over the next couple weeks.
Source: 殇儒岱 (Weibo)
Via: GSM Arena

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