Monday, 13 October 2014

HTC One M8 Eye appears on Chinese HTC site

Yesterday saw HTC launch its Desire EYE, but if you’ve been following the rumors as closely as we have, you’ll know that there were two “Eye” models we’ve been hearing about: the Desire model we got, but also something called the One M8 Eye, which would supposedly be a One M8 that swapped its 4MP UltraPixel sensor for a regular 13MP one. HTC even seemed to be teasing the launch of a new M8-series handset, but yesterday brought us no news of the M8 Eye. Now all of a sudden the phone has seemingly gone official, popping up on HTC’s Chinese website.
Just as expected, this One M8 Eye appears to be essentially the standard One M8 handset, with that one change to a 13MP main camera (still same front-facer). Even with dropping the UltraPixel component, HTC’s Duo Camera setup remains, giving the M8 Eye the ability to do the same sort of post-processing tricks available on the M8 itself.
Sales of the One M8 Eye are set to get underway in China next week, where the phone will go for what works out to about $650. Unfortunately for those of you hoping to see this M8 variant arrive at a carrier near you as an alternative to the 4MP One M8, it’s looking more and more likely that HTC intends to keep this guy constrained to nations in Asia. That’s not necessarily set in stone, but there also doesn’t seem to be much evidence at all pointing to release plans in the West.
Source: HTC
Via: Android and M
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