Monday, 13 October 2014

Google Now proven somewhat superior to Siri and Cortana

The debate of which voice assistant came first is still a shady topic. While many agree that Siri was the service that made the idea mainstream, we do know that Google’s Voice Search has existed for a bit longer, and even though Microsoft’s Cortana is the newest in the crowd, we all remember Microsoft’s Voice Command from the Pocket PC days. Still, if you leave history aside and ask yourself which service is currently better, some experts claim to have a winner.
A marketing consulting firm by the name of Stone Temple claims to have found Google Now’s voice search to be significantly superior to Siri and Cortana. The tests consisted of voice activated search commands where Google Now returned 1795 results enhanced with custom content, while Siri on the iPhone only provided 908 knowledge panels, and Windows Phone’s Cortana gave just 630. Out of those results, Google Now was 88% accurate when compared to Siri at 53% accuracy, and Cortana at 40%. Keep in mind though, the winner was determined by the amount of knowledge panels provided for each question received.
Sadly the odd part of these tests is that they were only focused on searching for content, something that really doesn’t classify as the job of a voice assistant. In that department we know that Siri and Cortana are far superior in helping you control your device, and solve certain tasks, than Google Now.
Could this have anything to do with Siri and Cortana basing web searches on Bing instead of Google? What do you think about this test? Do you agree with the results, or do you feel that it wasn’t fair to Siri and Cortana? Leave us a comment.
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