Tuesday, 21 October 2014

HERE Maps drops Samsung exclusivity, now available for Android users at large

Back in late August, we caught wind of a new chapter in Nokia’s evolution of HERE Maps, as the company announced plans for an Android releasethrough a special partnership with Samsung. Sure enough, just a few weeks later we saw the software go live for Samsung handsets. That was well and good if you were a Samsung user, but what about the rest of us? Today Nokia pushes HERE Maps forward upon a wider audience than ever before, making the app available for Android phones everywhere.
HERE Maps should work with any Android running Jelly Bean or better, though phones with at least a full gig of RAM are recommended. You’ll also have to put up with sideloading in order to get the software installed, but that’s hardly an arduous process – really the only downside is the absence of an automated update mechanism.
The app’s still in beta, and glitches continue to be worked out; one of the current bugs being corrected concerns a loss of the voices for voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation, but a fix should be coming soon. As long as you can live with a few rough edges like that, it may finally be time to check out what all your Windows Phone friends have been using to get themselves around.
Source: Nokia
Via: Droid Life
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