Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Google’s Android site drops its own Android L naming hint

Hey, you know how you’re sick of hearing all this speculation over
 the formal name Android L will arrive with as it debuts (maybe even today) on the next Nexus models? Man, you are on the wrongwebsite, because we’re not stopping now – not this close to getting to the truth. As we standby to see what Google’s planning, some new Android L naming evidence has been uncovered, lending support for Android Lollipop.7 Comments
The text string appears in the code behind, where there’s a clear reference to a “lollipop” banner image.
And considering how Google seemed to go out of its way to avoid mentioning lollipops in that cute Android L teaser video we shared with you yesterday, we just might be on top something here. Then again, could this just be the polar opposite ofthose Android Licorice teasers we recently talked about: while those were extremely out-in-the-open, this Android Lollipop evidence is much more about what’s not there, or what’s hidden out of sight. Ordinarily, that would have us feeling inclined to trust it even more, but it’s almost starting to seem like Google’s just messing with us as this point. Maybe we really should just take a deep breath and wait for formal word, but dammit if this new Android Lollipop evidence isn’t all sorts of compelling.
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