Sunday, 12 October 2014

Google releases heavily Material-Design-ified Play Store 5.0

Ever since Google officially unveiled Android L this past summer, we’ve been looking forward to Material Design continuing to spread across the company’s software offerings. One of those that’s received a lot of attention has been the Play Store, and over the past several months we’ve had a few opportunities to check out leaks detailing the ways the Play Store was set to evolve with the arrival of this refresh. This week, the changes go live, as Google begins distribution of its Play Store 5.0 release.
If you’ve been following those leaks you’ve already got a good sense of what to expect: some content reorganization, adjustments to color tones, and a flat, clean look. Speaking of flat, a new icon has arrived for the Play Store, abandoning all pretense of depicting any depth for its shopping bag logo. Beyond that, there’s also a new icon for notifications.
Layout improvements highlight the “what’s new” section for app listings, helping to keep users informed of how their favorite apps are improving. The way you interact with that info is improved as well, with it getting smarter about how to expand when you tap to read more.
Play Store 5.0 (or 5.0.31 if you’re being picky about it) is on its way out to Android phones and tablets now. If you’re not the waiting type, hit up the source link to grab an APK and manually update it early yourself.
Source: Android Polic
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