Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Get ready for 4K smartphone screens

Whether you asked for them or not, 2K displays on smartphones are here, popping up in more and more of the latest phones from big manufacturers,like the just-launched Nexus 6. We could debate the value of such high-res screens on pocket-sized devices all day long, but we still may have to concede that regardless of demand, manufacturers are always going to be tempted to push limits like this. But with 2K now a reality, what’s the next line to cross – the next limit to push? We’ve already talked about the idea of smartphones with 4K-quality screens, and now Sharp is reportedly working on just such a component for the not-too-far-off future.
Word is that Sharp could be working on a 4K-class display that would measure somewhere in the 5-to-6-inch range and be ready for inclusion in a phablet sometime in 2016.
Beyond pushing the resolution envelope, Sharp is also rumored to be developing tech that will improve the clarity of LTPS panels. There’s also mention of a screen with a 600ppi pixel density that could surface on a device aimed at the Chinese market next year, but there’s no indication of just how large it might be.
The idea of a 4K smartphone is still pretty difficult to appreciate, especially with 2K as new as it is, but in another couple years… well, maybe by then 4K will seem a lot more like the next natural step, and we’ll already be hearing whispers of 8K screens.
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