Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Even more last-minute Droid Turbo finds: Verizon test site, James Franco video

Yesterday we thought we were really getting down to the wire with these ongoing Motorola Droid Turbo teasers and leaks. First we had those shots of the phone’s packaging, and then saw the latest DroidLanding tweet send out a vague little teaser video of its own. The countdown to today’s launch event has just hours left on it, but before that moment comes we’ve got a couple additional Droid Turbo finds to check out, including a very official-looking listing on one of Verizon’s internal test pages.
We only see the Droid Turbo on a general Verizon home page rotator, but it’s enough to confirm the name and red and black color options. The carrier also makes a point to emphasize the phone’s 2.7GHz clock speed and battery life that pushes 48 hours.
Next we have another teaser video, this one starring James Franco. The actor shared the clip on social media last night with the hashtag #droid, and though the Droid Turbo isn’t called out by name, that bright red phone with the two black circles on its back is pretty clearly the red Turbo we’ve seen in various leaks. Should we expect to see Franco feature more heavily in the Turbo’s promotional campaign? We may have our answer in just another couple hours.
Source: VerizonJames Franco (Twitter)
Via: Droid LifeAndroid Spin
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