Saturday, 13 September 2014

Motorola Quark spotted getting ready for Verizon in FCC docs; our new Droid ?

Those of you Motorola fans who have been able to see past all the buzz surrounding the Moto 360, the new Moto X and Moto G models, and all the fun little accessories the manufacturer has just announced may have noticed us talking about the possibility of having a new Droid model launch for Verizon. That all really picked up earlier this month when the old DroidLanding Twitter account got back into action, most recently hinting at a Droid with support for Motorola’s Turbo Charger. We had already discussed the possibility of a Droid Turbo, a phone that may have been under development as codename Quark, and now some new FCC documents seem to reveal just such a model.
The FCC paperwork describes a handset that’s slightly larger than the new Moto X, with all the sort of band support we’d expect from a Verizon model. Most tellingly of all, the phone’s software build contains the string “QUARK_VERIZON.”
Not a ton of useful hardware details are confirmed in this paperwork, but a few important ones do show up. For one, there’s explicit mention of support for the Turbo Charger, helping to connect this device to those DroidLanding teasers. We also see references to wireless charging, though knowing US carriers as we do, we wouldn’t bank on that being here until the phone is officially confirmed.
That confirmation could be here in just a few weeks. Last time DroidLanding started tweeting, we were a little over a month away from a launch. As of now, we’re only ten days in, but that has us feeling confident that official word could arrive within a month.
Source: FCC
Via: Droid Life
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