Saturday, 13 September 2014

Carrier confirms iPhone 6 demand exceeding predecessors

Have you pre-ordered your iPhone 6 yet? Maybe looking for some phablet action with an iPhone 6 Plus pre-order? If so, you’re probably in good company, with Apple fans everywhere getting ready to let the company’s latest smartphones into their lives. But for as much enthusiasm as we’re seeing, this new direction for Apple isn’t without controversy: will fans of the company’s smaller phones be willing to embrace these larger designs? We’re finally starting to hear some carriers weigh in on the public demand for these phones, and to hear that message, Apple has nothing to be worried about.
According to an AT&T exec, this year’s demand for the iPhone 6 is in excess of what the carrier saw with either the iPhone 5S/5C launch last year, or even the iPhone 5 the year before.
While we might be getting ahead of ourselves, that sure has us feeling positive about the iPhone 6′s prospects. Sure, no one expected this guy to be a flop – it’s Apple, after all. But the fact that AT&T is seeingincreased interest, especially with big changes like we’re getting this year, really seems to speak to the smartphone-buying public’s willingness to accept these new, larger iPhone sizes.
Source: Ryan Knutson (Twitter)
Via: BGR
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