Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Moto 360 to be carried by At&t in USA

The Moto 360 may be met with availability issues right now, but we’re hoping that’ll all clear up soon – and when those problems get sorted out and the dust clears, there’ll be an additional retailer stocking the Moto 360: AT&T. The wireless carrier has revealed its plans today to carry the Android Wear-powered timepiece as an accessory.
AT&T joins a growing list of Motorola, Google Play, Best Buy, and Verizon Wireless as one of the places you can grab a Moto 360, but because of the supply/demand levels right now (presumably), we don’t yet have a date or a price for the version AT&T will have.
All the retailers so far have stuck to $249 for the standard leather band option, and $299 for the metal band (that’s coming later this year, and is currently unavailable), so we’re fairly sure AT&T will go with the same for its very own Moto 360.
If you’re interested in Moto 360 coverage, we’ve certainly got you covered there. You can check out our launch post, our post covering its specs.
Source: AT&T
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