Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Apples iWatch specs.

We are just one day away from Apple’s event where we expect the company to launch the iPhone 6. If you’ve been following the rumors over the last couple of weeks, you’d think the iWatch wouldn’t make the cut until a future event, and it turns out that that might be wrong. New leaks claim that the iWatch will be announced tomorrow as well, but it’s not until today that we get to see what it looks like.
For the last couple of months, all we’ve seen are concept designs of the iWatch. Today we get the first leaked photos of the device’s schematics, and even an extra photo of what is reported to be its housing. At the moment we notice that Quanta is Apple’s manufacturing partner for the iWatch, which could explain why we haven’t seen the usual batch of leaks that we’re used to from Foxconn. The details are scarce, but let’s go through what we can make out of these photos.
The first batch of reports claims that there will be 8 different options for the iWatch. Two different models with different sizes, and then each with as many as four color options to choose from. These BCM images reveal how the product has evolved from its P2B prototype stage, to its engineering validation test stage (EVT).
There is also a photo of the housing, though this one is clearly edited in order to not reveal the leaker’s identity. So far these leaks claim that the device will have a built-in microphone and speaker to support Siri, it’ll be waterproof up to 20 meters, and might also have a disappointing day of battery life.
We’ll keep you posted as more details emerge regarding Apple’s first wearable.
Source: Redit
Via: Mac Rumors
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