Friday, 8 August 2014

Samsung’s crazy wrap-around Note 4 display may have entered production

One of the most persistent rumors to follow discussion of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 has been the idea that Samsung could be trying something very unusual with the phablet’s display, possibly using its flexible-substrate OLED technology to have the screen flow beyond the confines of the phone’s face, and out over to the edges. At least, we’ve seen Samsung prototype designs that have gone down that road, and with talk about how the Note 4 could introduce new form factors to Samsung’s lineup, the idea seemed like a good fit. We still may get a “regular” Note 4 alongside this wrap-around display version, but rumors continue to insist that the latter is still happening to one extent or another, and the latest claims to arrive suggest that mass production of these innovative displays has just begun.

At least, that’s what the South Korean media seems to be reporting (the translation is a mess). That might not sound like it gives Samsung much timebefore its IFA 2014 Unpacked event, where the debut of the Note 4 is all but a certainty, but it’s not like Samsung just threw together this idea last week. And even if takes some time to assemble stock for the start of retail sales, keep in mind that an early September Note 4 launch doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see the phablet immediately hit stores; with the Note 3 last year, we still had three weeks to wait post-IFA before sales began.

Presuming for a moment that Samsung really does deliver two versions of the Note 4, would you be more inclined to go with a traditional flat-screen layout, or do you think this wrap-around concept has what it takes to be more than just a gimmick?

Source: ZDNet Korea (Google Translate)
Via: GSM Arena

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