Friday, 8 August 2014

Nokia Lumia 730 windows' selfie phone in photo.

This summer, we’ve been keeping up on rumors attempting to detail what’s next for Microsoft’s new purchase Nokia when it comes to Windows Phone models, and rumors have identified quite a few distinct handsets that appear to be in the works. One we’ve been talking about for quite some time is this phone codenamed Superman, initially described as “selfie” phone thanks to its relatively high-res 5MP front-facing camera. The device was otherwise described as a mid-ranger, and later rumors suggested it could come to Verizon as soon as this quarter. Along the way we picked up a possible launch name for the phone, tipped to arrive as the Lumia 730 (a model we’ve been expecting for a long while). Now we get what could be our first look at the hardware in the flesh.
Regarding the actual hardware, there’s not a lot to see here, at least not yet. Then again, it’s not like we’d expect an extra-prominent front-facing lens just because this is a “selfie” phone; really, the build doesn’t do a lot to stand out from existing Nokia handsets.
The software’s a bit more interesting, seeming to reveal the post-Cyan Lumia firmware release as Debian Red. We wouldn’t necessarily bet on that being the final name – remember Cherry Blossom Pink, or Bittersweet Shimmer – but it’s a start. And if Nokia’s habit of “simplifying” the name prior to release is any indication, could we end up with something like… what’s a one-word “D” color… denim?
Source: WPCentral
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