Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Motorola's new phone ready for Verizon wireless.

Sometimes it really feels like smartphone news attracts smartphone news – start talking about a particular topic enough, whether that’s the iPhone 6 or crazy over-the-edge displays on the Galaxy Note 4, and at some point you get the sense of hitting a critical mass – the news becomes self-sustaining. Are we about to hit a similar point with upcoming Motorola devices? We only just finishedtelling you about the Motorola XT1063, which looks like it might be this year’s new edition of the Moto G, when we’ve got another new Motorola item showing up, this time a box teasing the existence of the model XT1096 within.

What is the Motorola XT1096, you ask? Well, first let’s be very clear about what we’re seeing here. That is to say: not much. And while it would seem trivial to just pick a random model number, print it on label, slap that on a box, and call it a leak, we’re inclined to treat this as legitimate, at least in the absence of evidence to the contrary.

One theory has this as Verizon’s version of the Moto X+1. Remember, while the original Moto X first launched with AT&T (and Moto Maker exclusivity), it was quick to come to the other US carriers, and Verizon was the first one it spread to. We’ve also heard that Verizon could be getting some new Droid-series models, specifically a new Droid Maxx and Droid Mini, and we have to consider the possibility that one of those (or even a new Ultra) could be hiding within this box.

But until new information arrives, or we’re able to link any other data to that XT1096 model number, we’ll just have to take this for what it is on the surface: evidence of some new Motorola smartphone in the works for Verizon.

Source: Android Central

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