Thursday, 14 August 2014

Motorola invites us for its September 4th event.

Motorola’s got some new hardware coming up: on that much, we all should be able to agree. There’s the retail release of the Moto 360, sure, and beyond that we’re hoping to see the debut of the Moto X+1 and also maybe a new Moto G. But when is this all actually going to happen? The 360′s supposed to land before the end of summer, and rumors have mentioned dates like September 25 for the start of carrier Moto X+1 sales, or the new Moto G coming out on September 10. What about an actual launch announcement? Invites are going out now for a September 4 Motorola press event that sure looks like it’s going to feature all this hardware we’re expecting.
Sometimes companies drop subtle hints in their invitations, but here Motorola’s practically beating us over the head with a hammer: the cootie-catcher/fortune-teller depicted here features tabs strongly indicating towards a new Moto X, Moto G, a smartwatch, and a Bluetooth earpiece we weren’t exactly expecting, but hey, the more the merrier!
Interestingly, this event is set to take place in the US, rather than over in Germany where most of the world’s smartphone attention will be focused, as we’ll be right in the middle of IFA 2014. Regardless of where it’s happening, rest assured that we’ll be on top of whatever announcements Motorola delivers, bringing you news of its latest products as soon as they debut.
Source: Motorola
Via: Droid Life
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