Wednesday, 13 August 2014

KitKat the most popular and most distributed Android version ?

Google has gone ahead this afternoon and updated its Android distribution numbers for the month of August. Of course, as with any release of new distribution data from Google, a bunch of different stories are told through the August 2014 Android distribution numbers, so let’s go through them, shall we?
Going down the list systematically, we can see that Froyo has remained unchanged from the last time Google gave us numbers to crunch, which is hardly surprising to us. Gingerbread has astonishingly increased in popularity (who the heck is still selling Gingerbread phones), moving from 13.5% to 13.6% this month. Ice Cream Sandwich is still declining, though, dropping nearly a whole percentage point from 11.4% to 10.6%.
Jelly Bean as a whole — meaning, Android versions 4.1 to 4.3.1 are all counted) is still the most popular OS, but it is seeing some small decline. Android 4.1.x used to make up 27.8% of the pie, and it now accounts for 26.5%. Android 4.2.x made up 19.7%, and it’s now at 19.8% for some reason. Android 4.3 formerly had 9.0%, while it’s now declined more than a full percent to 7.9%.
KitKat, the newest version of Android (no, theAndroid L developer preview does not count), has jumped from 17.9% to 20.9% — while the growth rate has declined from last month, it’s still slowly but surely capturing more of the Android market.
You can check out all the numbers in image form below.
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