Tuesday, 12 August 2014

iPhone 6 front panel in two colors leaked in photos

There are some substantial changes coming toApple’s next-generation iPhone 6. From a dramatic redesign, to the possibility of two models that are much bigger than the current iPhones we see, Apple is clearly out to address the needs of many consumers today. That said, there are a couple of parts that may change in size, but that will retain aesthetics as much as possible in order to bring that familiar iPhone look that everybody can tell from a distance, and that’s part of today’s leaks.
We get some additional photos of the iPhone 6 front panel, and this time it seems to include all the wiring it needs to be connected to a finalized backing. The leaked photos show us both panels in black and white, but it’s still hard to predict if these will be launched in sapphire or corning glass as we’ve seen in the past. What we do know is that the screen looks almost identical to the existing iPhone 5s, something that may be good and bad.
While it’s great that at least something will look familiar on the iPhone 6, it’s clear that the bezels on the display are dated when compared to devices like the LG G3. This does make one-handed usability on a bigger display less comfortable, but we’ll see how Apple plans to handle that.
Source: AppleClub
Via: 9to5Mac
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