Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Android 4.4.4 OTA reaches the OnePlus one

One of the many reasons to purchase a [OnePlus One] is the OS, CyanogenMod 11S. Apart from having a bunch of neat software features, it’s also quite close to vanilla Android — which means that its maintainer, Cyanogen Inc., can provide over-the-air updates to it reasonably quickly. Today the device is getting its July (yes, July) OTA, and within this OnePlus One Android 4.4.4 update is a couple of goodies many may appreciate.
In addition to the security fixes part of Android 4.4.4, this update brings a couple notable enhancements to the One: namely, those include new Google apps, Clear Image, a new colder color calibration for the phone’s display, the prevention of off-screen gestures in your pocket, the addition of support for capacitive buttons in the recovery, a greater illumination for said buttons, a bump up in stability, and a ton of miscellaneous fixes:
Fixed issues with vibration being disabled during Quiet Hours
Fixed lockscreen not updating the track information during music playback
Fixed microphone volume for all formats in the Voice Recorder app
Fixed “OK, Google” not triggering voice search in Google Now
Fixed Viber calls not working
Fixed battery percent not updating in custom lock screens
Fixed PicasaSync
Fixed Camera “O” gesture activating lockscreen instead of triggering camera
Fixed wallpapers not applying in full screen, taking the wrong size when cropping, etc
Android Police has also discovered some other changes, including the addition of Heads Up notifications, changes to on-call speaker volume and mic sensitivity, and the addition of the ability to search in Settings. The model number is also now being reported differently, and the mobile data indicator shows “LTE” instead of “4G” when you’re using a 4G LTE network.
They also have an update ZIP bringing you up to version XNPH30O, so click through the Via if you want to get the update on your One handset.
Source: OnePlus 12
Via: Android Police
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