Thursday, 7 August 2014

HTC Gallery update lets One M8 owners easily share Duo Camera photos


One of the benefits of taking apps that otherwise would only be available stock on a device, and bringing them into the Play Store, is that updates can be provided in a quick and easy manner, and that’s exactly what HTC has demonstrated with its latest HTC Gallery update.
The update is actually quite substantial, as it lets One M8 owners share their Duo Camera-captured images on the internet. People who view images shared through this method will be able to not only view, but interact with UFocus, Dimension Plus, and Foregrounder images through a browser window — it works similarly to how Lytro has done it with its cameras.
These new features join HTC’s Image Match, Timeline View, and POI Location, which have existed in the app for a while now, along with other improvements the app has received through Play Store updates thus far.
The update is now live on the Play Store for One M8-toting individuals, though it may be rolling out in stages. If you don’t see it now, check back later and it’s likely you’ll be able to download it and try out the new features. Once you do, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.
Download link: HTC Gallery
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