Friday, 1 August 2014

HP takes a stab at smartwatches with round-faced design

One of the hardest things to do in the mobile tech world, with so much competition from so many talented companies, is to stand out. In the growing field of smartwatches, one of the surest ways to grab attention right now is to deliver a round-faced model in a landscape dominated by squares and rectangles; Motorola’s doing just that, and a recent leak suggests OnePlus could be headed down that same road. Now HP hops on the bandwagon with a round offering of its own, as we learn about the joint effort from HP, designer Michael Bastian, and retailer Gilt.

It’s round -we know that much- and will feature interchangeable bands. It will also support Android and iOS. But for the moment, that’s close to all we know about this guy. It’s not going to be an Android Wear device, that much is clear, but what particular software it might run isn’t yet know. Will it be a simple notifier watch, like that Martian model we just looked at, or will it run a selection of apps?

And maybe one of the most important questions for a smartwatch: what will it cost? All this designer involvement and luxury connections sure don’t hint at a particularly affordable wearable, but for the moment nothing’s been confirmed. Right now, all we have is a rough ETA, with the watch due to make its formal debut sometime this fall.

Source: Gilt
Via: Android Central

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