Friday, 1 August 2014

Google Now Launcher may soon support a lot more devices

Last month we heard how ZTE was planning to really get down with Google’s vision for Android and hook its upcoming phones up with the Google Now Launcher. So far, you haven’t had a shot at the launcher unless you were running the Nexus 5 (on which it debuted), or a short list of other Nexus or Google Play edition models. Was this new ZTE effort a sign that its exclusivity was about to really start crumbling down? That may just be the case, as reports come in of the Now Launcher supporting a number of additional devices.

At least – that’s what some users are seeing. Right now it seems to be very hit-and-miss, but certain users are noting that the Play Store is indicating Now Launcher compatibility with handsets like the One M8, G3, and Galaxy S5. Then again, other users with those same devices aren’t having the same luck.

That could mean that Google is currently in the process of implementing these changes in availability, and not everyone’s seeing them go live all at the same time. There’s also the possibility that this is a glitch of some kind, and Google isn’t really intending to make the Now Launcher an option for additional smartphones, but until we hear otherwise, we’re optimistic that this really is the start of an official change.

Source: Android CentralGoogle

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