Monday, 21 July 2014

T-Mobile making phone unlocking easy with an app launch.

Last week saw the US make some big progress towards giving smartphone owners back the ability to unlock their handsets as they please. And while we very much look forward to the day when that right will once again be insured, right now many carriers already do a decent job at unlocking phones when asked. Sure, they often impose a variety of conditions that need to be fulfilled before they’ll grant those requests, but if your phone is eligible, unlocking can be as close as a phone call away. By the looks of things, though, T-Mobile is interested in streamlining that process even further, and may soon debut an unlocking app for Android phones.
A leak describes the carrier’s new app, which may make its debut on the mid-range-looking Samsung Galaxy Avant, rumored to launch at the end of the month. Rather than going through the antiquated processing of getting in touch with the carrier’s customer service department whenever unlocking is needed, the app would allow users to verify their unlocking eligibility and unlock their phones with just a couple taps.
In addition to permanent unlocking, freeing a phone to operate with any carrier the hardware supports, the software would also allow for temporary unlocks, granting that privilege for a predetermined window, after which a T-Mobile SIM would once again be required.
It remains to be seen just how many phones this app might support, as well as how accessible T-Mobile makes it, but assuming this leak is accurate, this sounds like one feature that’s long overdue.
Source: TmoNews
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