Monday, 21 July 2014

Samsung tackles big-screen iPhone rumors in latest GS5 spot

Two years ago, Apple did the nearly unthinkable, and made a big change to the iPhone’s design. After years and years of releasing handsets with 3.5-inch displays, the iPhone 5 ushered-in the era of the four-inch screen. Last year Apple returned with more of the same, but if we’re to believe the abundance of rumors, this year’s going to mark the next major shift. Instead of another four-incher, sources would have us believe that Apple is making the push up to 4.7 inches for the iPhone 6, and we could even see that one joined by a still-larger 5.5-inch phablet. As we continue to bring you the latest rumors about these models, Samsung would like to take the time to remind all you iPhone users that rather than waiting for Apple to come out with a larger smartphone, you could hop over to the Android side of the fence and get that big-screen phone today.
Samsung’s cheeky little video may not result in a lot of iOS-to-Android converts, but it makes a few good points. A certain segment of Apple users has been clamoring for larger devices for some time now, and this rumor of “maybe this year’s iPhone really will be the one to introduce a larger display”has shown its face before. Granted, this year is looking like the one that’s actually going to deliver, but we’ve heard general talk along these lines over and over.
And while some Apple users might like to see a larger-screened phone, that’s only one of many factors they consider when making a purchasing decision; they might prefer a phone with a big PureView camera, too, but we don’t see users abandoning iOS for Windows Phone in droves, either. In that light, it’s not clear exactly whoSamsung’s targeting with this video; maybe just something for Android users to forward to their iOS-loving friends to annoy them on a Monday?
Source: Samsung (YouTube)
Via: SamMobile
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