Monday, 21 July 2014

Metal and plastic Galaxy Note 4 variants, flexible screen and 16 MP OIS Camera?

One of the most anticipated smartphones of the year is Samsung’s next iteration of the Galaxy Note lineup. Last year’s Galaxy Note 3 received a lot of praise for its design and features, and the rumors of the future Galaxy Note 4 also point to something worth looking forward to. Still, if you thought that the rumored Samsung Galaxy F is the only device that Samsung plans to launch with a metal chassis this year, think again.
New rumors claim that Samsung is considering a dramatic revamp for the Galaxy Note 4, and it actually makes sense if you remember how the company’s CEO teased a change in form factor for this device. The rumors claim that there will be two variants of the Galaxy Note 4, one being of metallic design while the other retains a plastic design. We’re not sure if by plastic the company will retain the current faux-leather design that we know, and it’s also hard to predict if that plastic model will be more like the watered-down Galaxy Note 3 Neothat we saw launched earlier, but whatever the case my be, more options is better than just one.
The source also claims that this device will sport a flexible display, though that’s an odd rumor to match with the claims of a non-bendable metallic chassis being used. The rumor also points to Samsung embracing optical image stabilization for the first time ever on a smartphone, and that this camera will be of 16 megapixels as well.
We expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to be announced at IFA in Berlin, and yes, we are all looking forward to this device as much as you are.
Source: ET News
Via: Phone Arena
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