Friday, 25 July 2014

Samsung Gear VR software leaks.

Rumors about Samsung’s involvement in a project to deliver a virtual reality accessory for its smartphones have been snowballing since the spring. Early, vague talk about a VR headset gave way to evidence of an official Gear VR name, and just a few weeks back a leak appeared to reveal a render of the actual hardware. Today we shift from hardware to software a little as we check out the latest arrival, a relatively in-depth leak of what sure seems to be the Gear VR companion app.
The app’s setup guide talks users through the configuration process and confirms certain aspects of Gear VR’s operation, like how your phone will slide into the Gear VR headset, rather than it containing its own display. There are also references to things we saw in that last leak, like a headset-mounted touchpad for control. Some of that expands on the information that was already available, mentioning how the button we were told would be used to activate the phone’s rear camera to let the user see “through” the headset will also be used as a general Android back button.
While not having access to the Gear VR hardware limits the usefulness of this leak, we do get to see signs of a few features: for instance, an alignment guide will appear on-screen to help you get your phone properly seated in the Gear VR’s dock.
An official Gear VR launch could be just over a month away, with rumors suggesting Samsung may be working towards an IFA premiere.
Source: SamMobile
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