Friday, 25 July 2014

At&t confirms windows phone 8.1 for select devices.

Yesterday we shared we you a post from an AT&T community manager on one of the company’s forums that seemed like it might be saying thatWindows Phone 8.1 updates for some of the WP8 handsets in the carrier’s stable might be on their way this week. At least, maybe; we could also read the same statement as simply acknowledging that sales of native WP8.1 devices had arrived. And considering how international updates only began last week, was it too soon to expect a US network to join in? Apparently not, as AT&T has gone ahead and formally confirmed the start to its WP8.1 updates.
The first one up on the roster is an update headed to the Lumia 1520, getting Nokia Cyan alongside Windows Phone 8.1 itself. That combo means that 1520 owners will be seeing the arrival of new features like Cortana alongside enhancements to existing phone software, like improvements to camera performance.
What about other Lumia models like the 1020 or 925? So far, we’ve only heard AT&T talking specifically about the 1520 getting the WP8.1 update, but we’re optimistic that if its update is incoming now, the others can’t be too, too far behind. Nokia’s own update tracker sheds little light on the situation, with all AT&T phones still marked as having their updates being “under testing” – and that includes the 1520, in spite of today’s announcement.
Source: AT&T
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