Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Samsung Galaxy Alfa launch a week away?

The story behind Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha has rapidly been coming together over the past couple weeks, going from a name, to a spread of leaked pics, to hardware details in just a span of days. The breakneck pace at which news of the phone’s been developing is not looking like it’s due to slow down anytime soon, and word comes in today that the Alpha’s launch could already be within sight.
According to SamMobile, which published one of the two currently available sets of Galaxy Alpha photos, the smartphone may be publicly announced by Samsung next Monday, August 4.
An earlier rumor also suggested that an August launch could be possible – avoiding some of the IFA crowds – but we hadn’t heard a specific date before. We might have assumed something that was still a week or two further out, so this talk of an early August 4 launch managed to catch us a little by surprise.
But even if that’s when the phone goes official, we still don’t quite know what to expect for retail availability; just when might sales of the Galaxy Alpha begin? And that leads us to another important question, namely what Samsung could be thinking for a price tag. It’s been difficult to get a sense for how the Alpha will coexist alongside the GS5 mini, and maybe pricing will finally make it clear just how these two models stack up.
Source: SamMobile
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