Wednesday, 30 July 2014

More LG vista leaks for Verizon wireless.

This past weekend we brought you an exclusive leak concerning Verizon’s plans for the LG G Vista. We got an updated launch date, with it looking like VZW would get the G Vista out by the end of the month, and also got to see some detailed descriptions of the phone’s hardware. The odd thing was, some of this new data didn’t agree with previous rumors – would the phone arrive with a qHD or a 720p 5.9-inch display? As we get closer to the G Vista’s launch, a new leak attempts to set the record straight, and despite what we got from our source, it’s looking like the phone might be 720p, after all.
At least, this new leak is accompanied by images of the phone itself, and seems to reveal final retail packaging, going a long way to make the details revealed here seem official. And that 5.9-inch screen is clearly identified as having a 720p resolution. We also get more detail about other specs, like having the SoC spelled-out as a Snapdragon 400, rather than the unspecified 1.2GHz quad-core mentioned in our earlier leak. And there’s stuff here that was fully absent from that previous find, including descriptions of the G Vista’s 8MP main camera (with G3-style laser assist) and its 1.5GB of RAM. Those are things we heard before, but it’s reassuring to see them like this now, following that recent confusion.
That July 31 launch date returns, too, making it look like we really are just days away from seeing Verizon make the G Vista official. We’ll be looking forward to that news, as we’re still waiting to learn about pricing.
Source: Droid Life
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