Thursday, 31 July 2014

Oneplus one round smartwatch ?

What’s next for OnePlus, following the launch of its One handset? Another smartphone is probably a safe bet, but what about other form factors? There was that rumor earlier this month about a OnePlus Tab tablet, but that one quickly turned out to be a fake. Today we’re checking out another leak – and hopefully one that will stand up to a little more scrutiny – as a OnePlus smartwatch is seemingly revealed.
According to these design sketches, this “OneWatch” would offer some of the hottest features from the most anticipated smartwatches at the moment; those include things like the circular display we’re looking forward to from the Moto 360 and a sapphire glass crystal as Apple may use on its iWatch. OnePlus may also take advantage of curved batteries, embedding the watch’s power source right into its strap – a smart space-saving move, we guess, but one that threatens to limit user customization with aftermarket straps.
Other possible hardware details include a low-power OLED display, support for Qi wireless charging, and a configurable hardware button.
It all sounds quite nice, but the leak doesn’t arrive without a few hitches. For instance, the screenshot depicting a device render doesn’t quite match the design sketches, missing that custom button. Even the sketches themselves seem inconsistent, especially in regard to strap design; maybe that curved battery was only an idea that won’t make it to production.
And then there’s the big software question: just what will the OneWatch run? With the circular display, Android Wear seems like an obvious choice, but how well might that platform mesh with OnePlus and its custom-ROM-loving, CyanogenMod ways?
For the moment, it’s an intriguing concept, but one that still leaves us with a ton of questions.
Source: BGR India
Via: phoneArena
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