Thursday, 31 July 2014

Meizu MX4 leak shows off some stupid-thin bezels

Smartphone manufacturers continue to push engineering limits towards the elimination of side bezels for their handsets’ screens. Some of them gave it the old college try, only to run up against seemingly unavoidable physical limitations, like LG with its flagship G3. Some of them might just conquer bezels entirely, like we’ve heard Samsung could be aiming for with its curved display tech. Today we’re looking at a leak attributed to the anticipated Meizu MX4, which may offer some of the narrowest bezels we’ve ever seen for a traditional smartphone display.
Granted, this is just the front panel, and the phone’s body may add a little extra along the edges, but this looks like a fantastically thin place to start from. Based on the leaked schematics included with these pics, those side bezels could be just 1.1mm wide.
The MX4 isn’t likely to be a one-trick pony, either, and beyond this super-thin bezel, the hardware could offer specs like a Snapdragon 805 SoC, 3GB of RAM, and a 16MP main camera with 5MP front-facer – all very much flagship-level stuff. Display resolution is a little less certain, but we know Meizu was teasing quad HD displays some six months back, and one could easily end up on this device. The company may not be one of the more well-known Android OEMs, but with hardware like this phone’s shaping up to offer, it might be one worth paying more attention to.
Source: ePrice (Weibo)
Via: GSM Arena
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