Wednesday, 16 July 2014

LG G watch review.

At its core, the mission of a smartwatch is to make life easier. To improve on the smartphone experience by giving you leave to keep it in a pocket or leave it on the table across the room, because your messages, calls, emails, and other notifications are coming straight to your wrist.
The nondescript, water-resistant G Watch does a fairly good job of delivering those notifications, popping up inbound messages alongside weather reports, calendar items, pedometer readings and much more on the 1.65-inch IPS LCD. But it’s not until the Snapdragon processor spins to life that the G Watch becomes something more. It transforms from just another smartwatch to an Android Wear device – a designation that’s equal parts praise and condemnation.
We’ll delve more fully into the ups and downs of the Android Wear platform itself in our written review, coming later in the week. In the meantime, enjoy our LG G Watch review in video form here, and be sure to check out our full and abbreviatedvideo reviews of the G Watch’s Samsung-made sibling when you’re through absorbing our impressions below!

LG G Watch Review Video

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