Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Google play store to receive material design update soon.

Last week we checked out a leak that detailed many of the changes coming in an upcoming Google Play Store redesign, embracing the aesthetics of Material Design with a look that was clean, with bold color, good use of white space, and big eye-catching graphics. Back then we had no real sense of how soon these changes might hit the public, or if we’d even be waiting until the Android L this fall before seeing them land. As it happens we’re finding out already, as word arrives that Google is already pushing out updates that begin to deliver the Play Store’s new look.
The changes aren’t all-encompassing (at least, not yet), but product pages see a major overhaul to embrace Material Design: videos are front and center, social connections are highlighted, and in general, information is relocated and condensed to keep things tight and relevant. For instance, app changelogs are tucked away out of sight except in the cases of apps you’ve already installed.
The update is rolling out currently, but considering how relatively major an update this is, we wouldn’t blame you for feeling a little impatient and wanting to get an early crack at it. In that case, hit up the source link below for links to the Google-signed Play Store APK, all ready for you to manually install.
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