Wednesday, 23 July 2014

At&t teases windows 8.1 update.

A little over a week ago, Microsoft got the ball rolling for Windows Phone 8.1 updates, as confirmation arrived that Nokia Lumia models would soon be getting WP8.1 alongside the phones’ Cyan software updates. Of course, carriers being what they are, even that news didn’t mean that users everywhere would be receiving 8.1 immediately. Those Windows Phone users in the States who check Nokia’s update page are currently presented with notices that updates are still under testing across multiple carriers, with no ETA given; just when might we expect them to arrive? At lease some might turn up earlier than you’d think, or at least that’s what AT&T is now telling its users.
In the AT&T community forums, one subscriber posted a message all the way back in April (when Windows Phone 8.1 was first formally announced), inquiring about its availability. Yesterday, an AT&T employee dug the old thread up and offered the response, “Microsoft Windows 8.1 will be available from AT&T on certain devices as early as this week.”
Even assuming that’s correct (and that’s far from a certainty; while this user is an AT&T community manager, this isn’t exactly an official conduit for confirmed update news) we’re still left with a ton of questions, not the least of which concerning the specific WP8 models on AT&T that might see their 8.1 updates descend first.
Then again, we also have to keep in mind the possibility that this message isn’t referring to OTA updates at all, but to availability of WP8.1 by virtue of AT&T starting Lumia 635 sales. While that’s very much not a helpful response to the thread in question, neither is it a concern we can simply ignore.
We’ll be keeping an eye out this week to see if any updates indeed land.
Source: AT&T
Via: WPCentral
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