Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Google glass gets a new update.

Even though Android Wear products have now hit the market, monthly updates for Google Glass have continually been rolling out — and this month is no exception. The Google Glass XE19.1 update, released yesterday evening, brings improved connectivity and more features to the ambitious face-mounted wearable.
Right off the bad, network connectivity has been improved. Considering that this has found its way onto the changelog, we’re thinking this has been improved pretty greatly — and rightfully so, considering that issues were reported with connectivity on the previous Glass firmware revision. Google says that Glass is more reliable with commands such as “Send a message to…”
The second and final item listed in the release notes is a visual revamp of the voice actions screen. It’s pictured above in the header image, and is a “sleeker, cleaner look” according to our friends from Mountain View.
The update has begun rolling out to Glass Explorers now, but could take a few days to reach your device (and probably will, considering Google’s infamous staged rollout procedure). Glass Explorers, how are you liking your eyewear? Are things like this Google Glass XE19.1 keeping you loving your device, or has Android Wear won you over?
Source: Google
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