Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Facebook only wants you to chat using its messenger app from now on

Facebook has been notorious for doing some interesting and odd things lately in the attempt to retain social relevance in the market. The company’s messenger app has been one of those particular services that has made a lot of sense. The company may not have gained any fame from itsFacebook Home launcher, but the whole Chat Heads concept did prove to be famous, and now the company wants to continue pushing this forward.
Facebook is now notifying both iOS and Android users that it will phase out messaging on its mobile application, and force everyone to use its messaging app. For those of you running the app on iOS, this is already a common thing for most, as hitting the messaging button will switch you to messaging. According to Facebook, this will make messaging 20% faster than it is currently, which in a way is a benefit. Still, it is a tad annoying to have to be switching back and forth from app to app.
This change only applies to iOS and Android apps on smartphones. Those of you running Facebook on a Windows Phone, an iPad, feature phones, Facebook Paper, or a desktop shouldn’t be affected by the change. Do you like these changes that Facebook is making, or would you prefer things to work on just one app? Let us know in the comments.
Source: Facebook
Via: TechCrunch
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