Tuesday, 20 January 2015

YouTube for Android update reveals work towards video filters

Sometimes you want your photo or video to accurately reflect the real world – device makers keep upping the ante when it comes to camera hardware and software in efforts to make their models capable of the cleanest capturing possible. But sometimes you want to play around with the way things look, and for that we have filters. Apps like Instagram have brought use of such filters into the mainstream, and beyond photos, we’ve also seen them applied to videos. Over the weekend a new YouTube update surfaced, and while the feature isn’t there quite yet, some teardown work reveals development efforts towards giving YouTube its own video filter suite.
YouTube 10.02.3 doesn’t reveal a ton of new feature on first glance – there are some tiny UI tweaks, but nothing earth-shattering. But buried within the app are clues pointing to work on new features, and filters just might be the most exciting among them.
The code shows work on half-a-dozen such filters, taking advantage of both color correction and overlay masks to give videos distinctive looks. These include options like multiple “punk” filters, film grain, and sepia tint. There’s no certainty when these might go live, but work on them is clearly in progress.
Beyond that, strings hint at support for a new view of users participating in live Hangouts, as well work towards a phone number verification feature for YouTube’s social component. Like the video filters, when these all click-on remains to be seen.
Source: Android Police
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