Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Windows 10 smartphone preview confirmed for February

There’s already a Windows 10 preview for PCs; what about a smartphone release? We’ve heard that Microsoft was getting such a thing ready, but had been unsure about the timeframe. Today at its Windows 10 event, the company confirmed its intent to release that update after the Super Bowl – that means we can start looking for it in early February.
How can you get access to the preview as soon as its available? You’ll need to register as a Windows Insider, details for which you can find through the source link below. Insiders won’t just get the first crack at Windows 10 on phones, but will continue to get preview builds of the PC incarnation of the OS – and you don’t even have to wait until next month for that, with a new release due as soon as next week.
A consumer preview isn’t due until later in the year, with the build planned for February being a “Technical Preview,” so it’s worth being wary about downloading the build onto your phone when it becomes available. It’s likely bugs will be present, and certain features will be missing, and as always caution should be exercised with any first beta build. If you’re willing to take the risk though, Microsoft will let all Insiders do so starting in February.
Source: Microsoft
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