Wednesday, 21 January 2015

WhatsApp on the web is now possible with official WhatsApp Web

If you’re running out of battery while in the middle of an important WhatsApp conversation because of all that screen-on time (or simply because you type faster on your computer than on your smartphone), you can take your chats to your computer, with the new WhatsApp Web functionality officially announced today.
While all your messages “still live on your phone”, as the official blog post states, WhatsApp Web basically mirrors your chats on your computer’s browser. However, only Chrome is supported at the moment (with the promise of more browsers to be added soon), but the set-up process is rather simple: you need to go to and scan a QR code with your phone, which will pair your phone with the web session. You will, however, need to have your phone connected to the internet in order to chat from the web.
Another limitation (for now), in addition to the Chrome requirement on your computer, is that the functionality is not available for iOS users, “due to Apple platform limitations”.
Source: WhatsApp
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