Friday, 16 January 2015

Sprint returns to Windows Phone as it picks up the Nokia Lumia 635 on-contract

Nokia launched the affordable Lumia 635 all the way back in April (making this a proper Nokia Lumia, beforeMicrosoft transitioned the family over to its own branding), and in the months since, we’ve seen the phone come to more and more carriers. Over the summer, networks like T-Mobile and AT&T got their hands on the phone, and back in December we got word of the phone finding some new homes: Boost and Virgin now sell the phone for their no-contract plans, and we heard that Sprint would eventually be picking it up for regular postpaid plans. Today’s the day that finally happens, as Sprint adds the 635 to its roster.
Well, so what? Yet another network picks up an aging Windows Phone handset? There’s more to it than that, and the key here is the network we’re talking about. See, Sprint’s been seriously hurting for regular Windows Phone options. In fact, prior to the 635 getting here, the carrier had been out of postpaid Windows Phone models entirely, and the 635’s arrival marks the very first Windows Phone 8.1 device Sprint’s ever offered like this – it’s been a long time coming.
Maybe the intersection between users tied to Sprint and those eagerly awaiting a new Windows Phone option isn’t a huge one, but we’re sure you’re out there. And while it falls quite short of flagship territory, the Lumia 635 is still a solid enough WP model with a price that’s hard to beat: free on-contract. You can find it now at Microsoft’s site or directly through Sprint.
Source: Sprint
Via: phoneArena
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