Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Samsung’s rumored round smartwatch could finally embrace wireless charging

With the end of January now in sight, February looming close over the horizon, and MWC just beyond that, it’s an exciting time to be talking about upcoming Samsung hardware. For that trade show getting underway in just a few weeks, expectations are high for Samsung to deliver not just a Galaxy S6, but maybe also a Galaxy S6 Edge and a companion smartwatch. Rumors about that wearable have started getting quite detailed in recent days, discussing not just a circular screen, but also a twisting bezel ring control for interacting with the smartwatch’s UI. Today we hear about the latest attempt to pull together some pre-launch info on the wearable, as a report describes the presence of a wireless charging system.
Remember all the problems Samsung faced last year with the awkward charging adapter for the Gear Live, which relied on making a connection through physical spring-loaded pins? Perhaps the manufacturer has learned its lesson, with the round Samsung smartwatch codenamed Orbis now tipped to feature integrated support for wireless charging.
The exact nature of this system isn’t yet clear, but presumably we’d be looking at something similar to the dock Motorola uses for the Moto 360 (above). And while that might solve any issues with fragile little charging adapters, we also wonder if it could have a negative impact on ease of charging while on the go. Maybe Samsung has an answer for that, too; we’ll find out in just about six weeks.
Source: SamMobile
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