Thursday, 22 January 2015

More HTC One M9 Plus, One M9 pics attempt to leak upcoming hardware

Is the picture of what HTC’s planning for its next flagship Android phone (or phones) all of a sudden becoming much more or much less clear? Earlier this week, leaked images gave us for the first time a believable look at the rumored One M9. And then just hours ago we got to check out a separate batch of imagery, this time supposedly of a slightly larger One M9 “plus.” Only problem is, it doesn’t really look much like those One M9 shots. Which is the real deal? Is either one of them legitimate? Possibly even both? We still don’t have any hard answers, but we do have a couple new pics for you to take a look at, both of that One M9 plus and the regular One M9.
Those One M9 plus shots have been getting a fair deal of criticism for looking a bit like a Photoshop hack-job, a Frankenstein amalgam of components from several different phones. And truthfully, that very well may be what it is. But until we know for sure, we’re going to be looking at this additional image from the set (above), giving us a slightly different heads-on view of the phone.
As for the regular One M9, we’ve got some renders showing the hardware in a protective case (below). We would not be surprised at all to learn that these were created in response to those earlier leaks, so we hesitate to look at them in any official light. That said, they’re a lot cleaner than those previous pics, and if you’re already taking those as genuine, this appears to be the very same design.
one-m9-case-maybeUpdate: A couple additional pics purporting to be the One M9 have just surfaced.
Source: Alibabaleaksfly (Twitter)
Via: BGR
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