Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Microsoft promoting latest Lumias as “Windows 10 ready”

With the clock ticking down until Microsoft’s Windows 10 event tomorrow, we find ourselves hugely excited for all the news we’re about to get about the company’s plans for its next generation of not just a mobile operating system, but a unified platform that will touch phones just as much as it does laptops and tablets. While the event might mark the upcoming availability of a Windows 10 preview for phone, it’s bound to be quite a bit longer before the official release ready. When that day does arrive, Microsoft’s already stated thatcurrent Windows Phone 8 Lumia models will see the release of Windows 10 update. Now it’s getting a bit more explicit about such plans, and some of its newest Lumia hardware is already sporting notice of Windows 10 compatibility.
Both the single-SIM and dual-SIM Lumia 532, which launched just last week, are described on Microsoft’s Lumia webpages as “Windows 10 ready.” The Lumia 435, which debuted alongside the 532, doesn’t share similar copy. That’s likely a harmless oversight, given what Microsoft’s already said about Windows 10 updates.
It’s interesting to see Microsoft making a concerted effort to remind shoppers at all that these models are future-proofed, but given all the attention Windows 10 is about to get in the press, that makes a fair amount of sense; unless you want people holding off on buying a new Lumia until your next-gen platform is available, they might need some constant reminding that they won’t soon be left behind like all those Windows Phone 7.5 users were.
Source: Microsoft
Via: GSM Arena
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