Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Metal-bodied Galaxy S6 rumors get thrown a curve ball: what if it’s glass-backed?

Having just finished talking about the latest rumors to address Samsung’s smartwatch plans for MWC 2015, it’s only fitting that we now turn our attention to the other major launch we’re looking forward to from the manufacturer. So far, one of the primary components of Galaxy S6 rumors has been the idea of Samsung finally moving to a predominantly metal design, and a number of leaks have attempted to provide evidence for that theory. We may want to start reconsidering just what we saw in all those, as the latest GS6 rumor now asserts that Samsung will keep its metal bodies as the tell-tale feature of the Galaxy A series, and instead the GS6 will go with a glass-backed design.
Phones with glass panels covering not just their fronts, but also their backs, are kinds we’ve seen before, and while they might look nice, they also tend to be just asking to be scratched, chipped, and outright shattered. Perhaps Samsung’s feeling more confident about its manufacturing abilities, but this is one component to GS6 rumors that, if true, could end up giving many shoppers a bit of pause.
Supposedly, Samsung could still build the Galaxy S6 with a metal rim, but the back would be fully glass. A side effect of that construction would be the absence of a removable battery, a feature past Galaxy S models have enjoyed.
A glass-backed Galaxy S6 doesn’t have to be an awful idea – maybe modern materials like Gorilla Glass 4 will mitigate some of those damage concerns. But this could still be a big upset for Samsung fans who had been looking forward to a full-on metal GS6.
Source: Digital Daily (Google Translate)
Via: GSM Arena
Image: Welshmike
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